The Golden Key™

The Golden Key™ is a Personal Navigation System enabling its users greater mobility and access to transportation and public spaces. This allows an improved quality of life, autonomy, and greater employment opportunities for people with disabilities and older adults.

The Golden Key™ is an innovative application committed to bridging the digital gap between the virtual realm and the physical environment. Our focus extends across various industries, including:

  • Telecoms: Bridging the digital divide
  • Smart City Design: Getting to vision 0; intelligent transportation systems and infrastructure
  • Transportation: Aviation, public transportation, and Autonomous vehicles
  • Retail: shopping malls
  • Travel and tourism
  • Education
  • Fintech

The Golden Key ™ uses a collection of Artificial Intelligence to eliminate the difficulty people with disabilities and older adults have navigating and interacting with complex environments. AI-based speech recognition and text-to-speech are used as the communication layer. AI-based object recognition, text recognition, and spatial anchors are used to perceive the environment. CHAT-GPT style AI is used to link together these disparate technologies into a coherent and personalized user experience. The end result is a new kind of computational personal assistant that allows an unprecedented level of real-time autonomy and independence for the user.

Antique-style Golden Key
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