Dr. Claudia L Folska, Ph.D.

Dr. Claudia L. Folska is the founder and CEO of All Access Transit Solutions, Inc. AATS builds products, services, and careers by and for people with disabilities and older adults. Most notably, the Golden Key™, a personal navigation system for people with disabilities and older adults to navigate indoor and outdoor complex environments. Dr. Folska was elected as the Director of District E for the Regional Transportation District in 2012 serving two four-year elected terms serving 200,000 constituents. During her term, she oversaw a nearly $1 billion annual operating budget, and a $5.5 billion capital project-BRT, LRT, and commuter rail. Dr. Folska earned a dual PhD in 2012 for Architecture and Planning and Cognitive Science from the University of Colorado Denver and Boulder respectively. Her publications include: “In Blind Sight: Wayfinding in the absence of vision” (2012), “Making Cents of Pedestrian Oriented Developments” (2012), “In the Matter of Environmental Knowing: Multi-sensory Cognitive Efficiency Model” (2010) and “Sex Differences in the Wayfinding in the Absence of Vision” (2009).

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