Katy Salamati

Katy Salamati is a distinguished professional with a wealth of experience as the Co-Founder and Board of Directors Member at Apeirolux Pharmaceutical Inc. and Beaivi Pharmaceutical Inc. Her academic journey has been marked by remarkable achievements, as she holds an MBA with a dual focus on supply-chain entrepreneurship and technology commercialization, in addition to a Ph.D. in civil engineering and transportation engineering. Katy’s passion for education has led her to serve as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at North Carolina State University, where she imparts her knowledge to aspiring minds. Her extensive research contributions are highlighted by publications such as “A Simplified Method for Comparing Emissions at Roundabouts and Signalized Intersections,” “Guidelines for the Application of Crossing Solutions at Roundabouts and Channelized Turn Lanes to Assist Pedestrians with Vision Disabilities,” and “National Eye Institute Study NEI R01EY12894 on Blind Pedestrian Crossings at Complex Intersections.” Katy’s dedication to her field has earned her several accolades, including the prestigious Best Paper Award from the Transportation Research Board (TRB), the CTE Student of the Year Award, and the Endowment Scholarship Award for Academic Excellence. She is an active member of Women in Transportation (WTS) since 2012, the North Carolina Section of ITE (NCSITE), and International ITE since 2009. Katy’s advocacy for people with disabilities in the transportation sector holds great promise for her contributions to All-Access Transit Solutions, Inc.

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